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You’ve completed a novel, self-help book, article, dissertation, etc., and you’re just about ready to publish it. But are you? How good is your manuscript…honestly? Don’t know? Then you don’t want to submit it to an agent or a publisher–or your doctoral committee–just yet.

Spelling, grammar, and structure errors can kill a book’s chances to succeed before it’s even left the safety of your personal document file. Publishers don’t have the time, money, or inclination to transform your work into something they want to publish. You have to convince them that they DO want to publish it. Having a beautifully put together document will help you do that.

Oh, self-published authors? Please don’t even think about publishing your own book until someone knowledgeable has looked over it. As a self-published author myself, I can tell you that this is the number one argument snobs make against reading self-published books. They’re “full” of spelling and other mistakes that any decent editor would have caught. I’ve found a few myself in reading others’ work…and I’ve caught a few errors in my own books that had to be corrected post-publishing. You don’t want those kinds of errors to drag down your reviews and kill your sales!

That’s where I come in. I do it all. I’ve written and edited both fiction and nonfiction—short works and long. I have a master’s degree in psychology, so I’m well-versed in academic writing and editing. I’m very familiar with MLA, APA, and Turabian citation/formatting rules.

You wouldn’t pay for an expensive specialist to treat your medical condition when a general practitioner would do just as well for less money, so why would you take the chance of overpaying for specialized editing (or not pay for editing at all) when a GP of words can bring new life to anything you write?

My rates are comparable to those of most other freelance editors these days – and cheaper than many – but I guarantee you the end result will be nothing less than miraculous! Send me a sample (get up to 5% of your manuscript edited for FREE!) , and see if I don’t “wow” you with my editing!

Looking for someone to do the writing for you? I can do that too! Shoot me an email at woweditor12@gmail.com to start the process.


Cost for short projects (under 25,000 words) is a penny per word.

25,001-50,000 = $250**

50,001-75,000 = $350**

75,001-100,000 = $500**


**Payment plans (25/50/25) are available for anyone who can’t afford the full cost all at once, but 25% is due before I begin the edit. This is non-negotiable. Experience has been my best teacher.

Want to get to know me a bit better before you contact me? Click here to download a copy of my current resume.

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