30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Day 4

30 days to understanding the bible day 4 (1)

Yesterday, we filled in a chart covering the major themes, figures, and locations of the major stories in the Old Testament.

Today, we start with a more in-depth look at the first theme and the people and locations involved. Remember that the first theme is? Just look at Genesis 1:1. Yep. We’re talking Creation.


I love how Anders boils the theme of Creation down in this way. It’s simple to understand, and it’s completely true!

I also love this description of what it means to be created in the image of God. Not that God looks like either you or me (we don’t look completely alike, do we?). We are created spirits, like He is (well, not the created part), with intellect, emotion, and will.


Anders breaks the Creation Era down into four major events, which cover the first 11 chapters of Genesis. These are Creation, Fall, Flood, and Tower.

Another thing I loved in this chapter was Anders’s statement about what happened at the Tower of Babel when God confused the language of the people after they disobeyed His command to spread throughout the whole earth.


Lack of communication between the people prevented their progress on the tower. But isn’t that the truth with everything? Lack of communication prevents progress in a lot of areas. That’s why it’s so important for us to build communication bridges wherever we can – with other people and with God.

Finally, I loved how the self-test in this chapter helped tie together the new information learned in this chapter with all the information learned in the previous chapters. Anders is quite serious about helping his readers build knowledge upon knowledge. This commitment is very impressive…and also very effective.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the further I get into this book the more I like it. It is a truly excellent, accessible resource.

Oh, and by the way: this chapter took me less than 15 minutes to go through. I guess that’s why Anders claims you can go through the whole book in 30 days, spending just 15 minutes a day because some chapters take less time to go through than others. For the sake of blogging simplicity, I’ll probably just stick to a chapter a day, but I could easily go through it faster if I wanted to.  That’s another awesome thing about this book. The (substantial) learning is totally self-paced. I don’t know about you, but I love self-paced learning!

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the Patriarch Era and the beginning of the nation of Israel. Stay tuned. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!


  1. Mishael,
    I love this book. I am going to buy it. Maybe we could do it as a group in February. It will be a repeat for you but it looks amazing even if they don’t buy the book – Maybe we could see how many would like to do this? Thoughts? Please PM me.

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