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Ellie Claire 365-Devotional Journal Review

ellie claire devotional journal review

A few weeks ago, I posted a review of some gorgeous Ellie Claire art journals. Today, I’m excited to be able to present my review of three Ellie Claire 365-day devotional journals.

And yes, they are every bit as beautiful as the art journals!

Package deliveries are always exciting, and especially when I know there’s one coming that has items like this in it. When the package containing these three journals arrived, I tore into it … and I soon discovered that I wasn’t the only one excited about it. As I pulled these out of the box, both of my little girls each claimed one as their own. The older one took the one with the peacocks on the cover (not surprising, since she’s an animal lover and an artist), and the younger one chose the Peace Begins with Me devotional journal. 

Admittedly, those were the two I was most interested in receiving and examining myself. But as any good mother would do, I let them pick first, so I got to keep the Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus devotional journal. As it turns out, I think we each ended up with the devotional journal best suited to us. Funny how God worked it out that way!



This is the one with the peacocks on the cover (aren’t they beautiful?), and even the first day’s devotional has to do with peacocks. Here’s a look at it.


Below the devotional on the page, there is space to write your own thoughts and prayers, or what God us saying to you through the story and scripture.

I really enjoyed this story, and so did my girl, although she thought it was directed more toward “older people,” since there’s mention of an office. She doesn’t find it particularly relevant to herself at this stage, but I’m sure that will change in the not too distant future.

This journal offers some beautiful spiritual insights related to the wonders of creation. Perfect for any nature or animal lover in your life.


I was kind of surprised that my younger daughter picked the journal with the plain blue cover instead of the one with the flowers on it, but I’m pretty sure God led her to it.

This journal covers the subject of finding peace in the midst of some of the most difficult circumstances you’ll ever face. She read the first story and immediately told me that we needed to buy one for her teacher (whose youngest son had just recently committed suicide). I took one look at it, agreed with her, and ordered a copy off of Amazon.

As she looked at the blank space at the bottom of each of the pages, my girl said, “Mommy, what am I supposed to write there?”

I said, “Just write whatever you hear God saying to you.” And she has been. Here’s a look at what she wrote in response to the first two devotionals. I don’t know that it’s directly related to the devotionals, but maybe it is in her mind – and God’s.

It’s His message to her, and her response to Him. It doesn’t have to make sense to me.

As I suggested above, this devotional journal would make a very thoughtful gift for someone who’s going through a hard time and who may be struggling with issues with regarding faith and finding peace.



This journal, with the beautiful flowers on the cover, is all about the Prince of Peace Himself, Jesus Christ. Each and every devotional points us back to our Lord and Savior. I don’t know that there’s any better way to start the day than that.

And, as the title of the book suggests, the devotionals are connected to Christian hymns and worship songs. Each entry starts out with a song lyric and ends with a scripture (plus space to write down your thoughts or His message at the bottom of the page).

This is a wonderful journal for music lovers, and that makes it super appropriate for me, since I do truly love music. It’s a major part of my life and my daily worship.

Here’s the first devotional. I can’t wait to get started on this  musical devotional journey on January 1, 2019. I’m sure it’ll be an exciting, spirit-filled year!



All of these journals are fabulous. The covers are beautiful, and the stories inside are interesting and inspirational.

If you have a nature lover or music lover in your life, you can’t go wrong gifting them with the first and third journals I mentioned. And the Peace Begins with Me journal should offer much comfort to those who need it most.

This is the perfect time to buy one (or more) as holiday gifts so your loved ones can start off the New Year right. Go get one today!

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