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How Would You Like a Free Book That Will Help You Teach Your Kids About Gratefulness?


Maybe you’ve heard the VeggieTales’ “Thankfulness Song.” If you have young children, I’ll bet you have. I know I have…more than a few times. “A thankful heart is a happy heart,” that song teaches…and how true is that?


Gratefulness is such an important thing to teach children, and it goes hand in hand with generosity–another important lesson that my husband and I were able to offer to our children just the other day.

Last Sunday evening, I wasn’t planning on going to church. But I changed my mind… which meant the kids had to go too.

And they wanted to go to the Chinese restaurant afterwards. Our favorite one is on the other side of town from where we live (and where our church is). We didn’t want to go that far because it was late, so I suggested the buffet just down the road a few miles. We passed several other Chinese restaurants on the way, and I thought about stopping at one of these, but I decided to let my husband keep going. …

As we were coming out of the restaurant after our meal, a man came up to us in the parking lot, asking if he could ask us a question. I got the children in the car while my husband talked to him.

He and his family had just moved from New York and were staying in a motel while they were trying to find a more permanent place to stay… except they were within an hour of getting kicked out of the motel and being homeless.

He wasn’t asking for money. He was asking for a motel room for the night. My husband and I looked at each other, and we both knew what we needed to do. We stepped out in faith and paid that man’s motel bill for him so his family wouldn’t get kicked out.

We were also able to give him our church’s address, where his family can find food if they need it…and maybe a church home after they get settled. And now I know who they are so I can pray for them.

We could’ve just brushed that guy off. We could’ve just said we didn’t have the money to help (which is not far from the truth). But we understand how things can happen sometimes. We know. We’ve been there.

God comforts us so we can comfort others; God helps us so that we can help others. And I’m grateful we had the opportunity to share that lesson with our children the other day.

And that’s a big part of Compassion International’s mission–to instruct and enable people to extend generosity to others, especially children, around the world. That’s why they’re offering this free ebook for kids called Goggles of Gratefulness.


It’s a children’s picture book (in digital format) that follows the story of Amelia the Bird as she learns how important it is to be grateful for what we have and generous with what we share. And, did I mention, it’s FREE?

Go click on the link (or the image) above, and grab your copy today (you’ll also gain access to the free Family Generosity Challenge devotional).

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