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Some Questions and Answers About BELIEVE IN ME

some questions and answers about believe in me

I recently received a Facebook message from a reader about my second chance Christmas romance novella, BELIEVE IN ME. I thought the questions and answers might be of interest to other readers – or potential readers – so I wanted to include them in a blog post.

Now, I’m reintroducing you to BELIEVE IN ME.

Believe in Me by Mishael Austin Witty

Q: I’m still confused as to why Walt kissed Trina’s sister back if he had no feelings for her? 

A: Walt kissed Trina’s sister because he was scared and confused about their relationship at the time. Insecurity…and she kind of caught him unawares.

Q: Why did her sister not attempt to get through to Trina more? Why did she really kiss Walt?

Trina’s sister kissed Walt because of sibling rivalry/jealousy gone really, really wrong. She wanted what Trina had – that true, real commitment. She just made a mistake in thinking she could get that with Walt herself. As to why she didn’t try to get through to Trina more… Trina wouldn’t take her calls and basically shut her out. Also, she felt guilty for what she had done, and you don’t usually make a major effort to contact someone if you feel guilty for hurting them – at least not until you come to a point where you’re ready to restore the relationship with them and sense that they won’t totally reject you.

Q: Why was her family not more angry about the situation?

Now, regarding her family… they were upset about it at first, but Tammy’s their daughter too. They wanted to forgive her, and they didn’t have nearly as much trouble with it as Trina did. Also, they knew Walt was sincere in his love for Trina, so they wanted to help them try to make it all work out so they could get back together.

This led to some followup questions and answers.

Q: But if Walt felt nothing for the sister why would he return the kiss, and he know Trina loved him and that this would be unforgivable? If Trina had not caught them would it have gone further? 

Walt wasn’t sure of Trina’s love at that point, and people who feel unloved do weird things.

[I didn’t answer the second part of that question in my message because I wanted to focus on the remaining questions and answers. But, FTR, I do not think it would have gone further. I’m pretty sure Walt would have stopped it. In fact, he did push Tammy away. Trina just didn’t see him do it.]

Q: I just had no sympathy for Trina’s sister. If you love your sister you do not betray them that way. I disagree to an extent as well. When I feel guilty, even though I feel ashamed, if I really love someone I would try to get through to them. To be honest, I don’t know if Trina should have forgiven both of them.

Different people react to situations in different ways. And damaged people react out of their brokenness. Hurt begets hurt, but there is hope once you’re able to see past the hurt.

Q: Should Trina’s parents not have been more annoyed that Trina and Walt caused such pain in the family? Should they not have been wary of trusting Walt with their daughter’s heart after the betrayal?

I believe anyone can be forgiven for anything. That’s what I hoped to bring out in the story. One of my favorite quotes is this:

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

~Lewis B Smedes~

Unforgiveness doesn’t do anything to hurt the person who hurt you, but it does a lot to hurt you inside. Seeds of bitterness get sown, take root, and sprout into a nasty weed that chokes out everything good in your life.

I wanted BELIEVE IN ME to be a story about love, forgiveness, and freedom… not bondage to hatred and bitterness. That’s why I had my characters work everything out the way they did.

I really love hearing from readers, and I’m so glad that reader took the time out to express what was on her heart and mind. If always welcome interactions with readers.

If you read one of my books and have questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me. I can’t promise, though, that it won’t inspire a blog post – especially if I feel it might benefit other readers.

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