Is It Okay for Christians to Write Fiction?

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Aren’t You a Christian? How Can You Write Fiction? Fiction is Lying.

Several years ago, I started getting serious about my writing. I wrote several stories and a few novels that I self-published. And when I started telling people about what I was doing and what I’d done, some would ask me, “Aren’t you a Christian? How can you write fiction? Fiction is lying.”

Even my husband started echoing these words.

These words hurt, but they also got me thinking… so I quit writing fiction and tried my hand at nonfiction, which wasn’t nearly as fun for me.

And, after awhile, I quit writing altogether.

What About Parables?

But a year after I quit writing, I lost my daycare job and suddenly had a lot more time on my hands. And, on the recommendation of a friend, I read THE STORY OF WITH by Allen Arnold, which is both fiction and nonfiction and is beautifully written – in the style of a parable, with the nonfiction interpretation following the fictional story.

That got me thinking about who else used to tell stories in this same way. Can anyone guess who I’m thinking of? Anyone?

Why, none other than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself!

It struck me that, if Jesus used fictional stories to point people to God, it couldn’t be wrong for ME to do so. No one would accuse Jesus of lying, would they? And yet people (especially Christians) are so quick to call fiction writing “lying” and fiction writers “liars.” My pastor and Sunday School director even admit to not reading fiction because they don’t find it “edifying.”

Is It Edifying?

Why would Jesus use fiction in His teaching if it wasn’t edifying?

Now, certainly, there are plenty of fiction books out there that are not edifying. But I would argue that there are plenty of nonfiction books out there that share the same failing. The fault is not in the form of the writing so much as it is in the writer and the purpose of the story.

I think we, as Christians, can get so lost in our preconceived notions and so hung up on things that don’t matter that we miss out on the big picture – the important messages God has to share about who He is and what He wants us to know (some of which Jesus shared using fiction).

If the Savior of the World and God Incarnate can use fiction to reach people, I certainly think I can too. Not only am I certain I’ve been called to be a writer, but I’m certain I’m supposed to be a fiction writer – but one who writes Truth into fiction.

So, that’s what I’ve determined to do with my writing. I pray every day and ask the Lord, “What’s next? What do You want me to write today? What message do You have for me, and what do You want me to share with others? Guide my words, Lord. Let them be used to touch people and lead them to You.”


We’re the Ones Who SHOULD Be Writing Fiction

Those of us who belong to Him know both the darkness and the light. We know both the lies and the truth. And I think our deeper understanding of these things can enhance our fiction writing in ways in which other writers’ words never will be enhanced. We CAN edify with our fiction if we stay tuned in to the Author, Creator, and Source of everything true.

Keep reading the Word. Keep praying, and keep writing whatever He tells you to write. I know that’s what I’m going to be doing from now on. 

4 thoughts on “Is It Okay for Christians to Write Fiction?”

  1. Such a great post and topic! I love reading Christian fiction and have a large bookshelf full of them! All of which I’ve read! I believe there is a great need for Christian fiction writers. You’re right about Jesus writing in parables. Why? Because he could plant seeds of His truth with his stories. Capturing the interest of his listeners in ways they could understand.

    I especially like where you say this;

    “We CAN edify with our fiction if we stay tuned in to the Author, Creator, and Source of everything true.”

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