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I Finally Decided to Join Yummly… And You Should Too

Have you heard of Yummly?

Although it was created in 2009 and received the “Best of 2004” accolade in Apple’s app store, I never knew much about it until last year, and I certainly never thought it necessary to join Yummly until recently. I’m still no expert, by any sense of the word. But I’m learning more about it every day, and the more I learn about it the more I like it.

join yummly

When I first started food blogging a little less than a year ago now, I didn’t know much about getting my posts out in front of people, and what’s the sense of blogging if no one reads your posts? I’d already been using Twitter and Facebook for several years to promote my indie books, and I’ve been using Pinterest for a little less time than that to save even more items of interest for my personal use, including recipes (so I knew the power of using Pinterest to promote my recipes). So, I used all of those and saw some benefit from them.

But then I learned about the food-specific Yummly. The online recipe collection is pretty amazing because it lets you search for recipes that fit into specific criteria. For example, you can search by ingredients or tastes preferences, as these screenshots show.

recipes by ingredients

Or you can search for recipes that cater to certain dietary needs, including allergen avoidance. You can also select certain cooking techniques. I almost exclusive use the microwave and the stovetop, so you can bet I often search for those two types of recipes.

allergy free recipes

The thing about Yummly is, I started using it to promote my own recipes. You can check out my publisher page here. But I soon discovered I like using it to select and collect other people’s recipes to try out on my own at a later date. This is really an awesome recipe collection site. I like it even better than, and I’ve been a really big fan of theirs for a long time.

So, if you haven’t given it a try yet, I highly recommend you join Yummly today. You’ll find some fabulous new recipes, and you might even make a foodie friend or two if you visit the posts and leave comments on them.

And I would appreciate it so much if you would Yum! my recipes if you find one that you fall in love with. I’ve made this pretty easy for you by installing the Shareaholic plugin. Go down to the bottom of any of my posts to the “Sharing is Caring” block. Click on the green square, and when the menu pops up, type “yum” in the search box, and that will connect you to your Yummly account, if you already have one. If you don’t already have one, you might want to visit Yummly’s website first and start an account. It is absolutely free!

Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 2.05.23 PM

Fifteen years ago, I went to a party a friend was hosting and bought a stoneware mini loaf pan. I still have that thing today, and it’s just as awesome.  

When I got married almost 13 years ago, I let the friend of a friend do a Pampered Chef bridal shower for me. I still have all those things too!  

I’ve been buying Pampered Chef products at various parties (mostly online now) ever since. I have never been disappointed by a single thing I’ve bought with Pampered Chef.   

So, when I recently attended yet another online party and saw that there was a $19.80 join special, I took the plunge. I’ve been enjoying Pampered Chef myself for decades. Why not share that love with others?  

I’m so excited to start my Pampered Chef journey. I would be thrilled if you would consider joining me. Pampered Chef has so many tools that can help you as you seek to eat cleaner. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on my Facebook page


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