reinvent yourself
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I Don’t Want to Reinvent the Wheel

Not too long ago, I posted about my long online absence and some new blogging (and other) directions in which I was headed. I’d been sticking fairly well to the blogging schedule I’d set up for myself on my three sites…but then I realized something. I was trying to reinvent the wheel, in a way.

I was trying to run THREE different sites and not devote an incredible amount of time to any one of them, when I could have just been posting different things on this one site. So, I’m changing that. As of now.

All three sites, in a way, have something to do with food, anyway, so why not combine them? That’s what I’m now determined to do.

reinvent yourself

You’ll still be seeing plenty of wonderful recipes and fascinating food talk, but I’m going to be talking about some other things too – like green living and finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones…and I’ll even include some information about working from home, for those of you who might be interested in that. Ditching the outside 9 to 5 job is one of the best ways I know to reinvent yourself, but it can definitely be scary. With the right information, you don’t have to be afraid.

So, lots of interesting stuff is coming for Witty Vittles. I’ll soon be transitioning some of the material from my other blogs over to this one – and I’m even thinking about making up a word to add to my blog title. I haven’t quite decided on it yet. Well, that’s not quite true. I know what word I WANT to add. I just don’t know whether it’s a fabulous idea. I think it would be pretty cool, but I want you all to think so too.

Stay tuned to Witty Vittles – the somewhat (although not entirely) reinvented Witty Vittles. It’s gonna be pretty awesome!

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