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Thriller Thursdays: Two Reasons Why I Believe in Ghosts…and the One Reason I Don’t (Part Two)

thriller thursdays

In the first installment of this blog post, I discussed the reasons why I have no trouble believing in ghosts. This time, though, I’m going to tell you why I absolutely do not believe in ghosts… at least not as they’re traditionally conceived.

The reason for this is simple. I believe in the concept of “absent from the body, present with the Lord.” Even Yeshua Himself told the thief on the cross next to Him (the one who believed in Him, anyway), “Today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43, NLT). Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not whenever it is you finish your unfinished business here on earth (and don’t you just bet that guy did have some unfinished business, living a life of crime like that?). No, Yeshua said, “Today.” And I believe the same is true for us – at least those of us who are followers of Christ.

Those who are not followers of Christ, unfortunately, will spend eternity in Hell, and their souls and spirits will journey there immediately. Satan lives in Hell, along with the other fallen angels (demons) who were cast out of Heaven with him (Luke 10:17-20). Yeshua obviously wouldn’t have even mentioned Satan or his demons if He didn’t believe in them. Because Yeshua believed, I’d be a very poor follower indeed if I didn’t believe in them as well.

Satan is the master deceiver. He began with Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he’s been doing the same thing ever since. He even tried to deceive Yeshua Himself (Matthew 4). It stands to reason that his demons would do the same thing.

So, that’s what I think “ghosts” are, really – at least the ghosts that resemble the spirits of people who have lived before – what we usually think of when we hear about “ghosts.” They are simply demons disguised in the form of the departed. God’s angels appear to us in human form. God Himself came to earth in human form (through Yeshua), so it is only logical to assume that the demons can do the same thing.

Because I truly believe this to be the case, I can’t write a ghost story from any other perspective. That’s why the ghost in my SHADOWS OF THINGS TO COME sequel will not be a ghost per se. She’s not a demon. Rather, I’m going to work from the angle of psychic impressions. In the event of a severe trauma, a person’s psyche (soul/spirit) is greatly affected. The effects of this trauma (the psychic energy) may be passed on into the room in which the event, or the building itself, or even an object that was in the room at the time the event occurred. The law of conservation of energy, officially discovered by James Joule in the 19th century, but theorized and investigated for centuries beforehand, states that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” It just is, but it can be changed over time.

This is the theory I’m going with for my explanation of the ghost that “haunts” Megan in this next book. The girl experienced a major trauma, and her psychic energy stayed with the mirror that was in the room at the time the trauma occurred. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving the secret away like this, but I don’t think it will ruin the WHOLE book for anyone. There’s a lot more that happens to Megan and her friends besides this “haunting,” and I really hope you’ll consider checking out REFLECTIONS OF THINGS PAST when it is released… which won’t be too far off in the future. 🙂

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