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Tuesdays with Yeshua: Why I Think My Pastor Is Wrong (Part 4)

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This will be the last post in this little miniseries about the genetics of Jesus, all inspired by one off-the-cuff comment my pastor made one Sunday.  I’ve found it fascinating to delve into and write about (but maybe that’s because I’m a nerd?), and I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Last week, I discussed the promise God made in Genesis 3:15 when He told Eve that her seed would be the enemy of the snake’s seed and that His heel would crush the snake’s head (this, of course, being a foreshadowing of Christ).

And, the “seed,” of course, refers to the mitochondrial DNA that make it possible for human life to sustain itself. Remember that this type of DNA is only passed down through the mother, but also remember how powerful God the Creator is. It is very likely that He intervened in the conception of His Son by restoring one sperm cell’s mitochondria to the head, instead of the tail, of the sperm. This would have given Christ a double portion of life-sustaining genes—human ones from His mother and spiritual ones from His Father.

Consider the fact that, at the time of Adam’s creation, he was perfect. He walked in constant intimate fellowship with God…until that day in the garden where it all went wrong. His mitochondrial DNA, which were not passed down by any mother but were given to Adam by God Himself, were in some way directly involved in the sustaining of his spiritual relationship with his Father. When he sinned, the mitochondrial DNA shifted position, and Adam suffered that immediate spiritual death that would separate him (and his descendants) from God until such time as God sent His Perfect Son, who was in every way just like Adam had been before he disobeyed God.

Because He had the spiritual DNA of His Father, Yeshua was especially tuned in to things of a spiritual nature. Mary and Joseph were exactly the kind of parents Yeshua needed—ones who would teach Him about the scriptures and spiritual matters (both of them knew a thing or two about amazing spiritual encounters). So, Yeshua was primed to develop an intense spiritual connection with His Father and to evidence this through a life of perfect obedience to Him, even though he still had the free will to choose NOT to follow God, just as we all do (John 5:30). Just as Adam walked and talked with God in the garden before his fall, so did Yeshua. He felt the presence of the Father in a way few ever had before, which is why He was keenly aware of the moment when God’s Spirit departed from Him (Matthew 27:46).

As my five-year-old is learning now, unlike the first Adam, Yeshua did nothing wrong, but He suffered and died for the sins of all the people who came before Him and all the people who would come after, including my little girl. But then that life-giving mitochondria placed in His body by His Heavenly Father enabled Yeshua to overcome the grave. And because He did, we who believe in Him can as well.

So, to wrap this up: Yes, I think Yeshua had his mother’s human DNA inside His body, and I don’t see how that hurts His deity at all. After all, He had His Father’s holy spiritual DNA inside Him, as well. And He made the unwavering commitment to follow God all the days of His life…even into death and back to life again. He is our Perfect Sacrifice, our Perfect Savior, and our Perfect Standard.

Acknowledgment: It would be remiss of me to not cite my inspiration for many of the ideas (and even some of the structure) for the posts in this series as Craig Buemel (now deceased) of the Bible Answer Stand Ministry. This is an amazingly informative site, and I recommend that all of you check it out. You might learn something new, just as I did!

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