Wedding Planner Wednesday

Wedding Planner Wednesdays: I Spoke Too Soon

Wedding Planner Wednesdays

So, last week I mentioned the fact that I am not a wedding planner, but I write about one in Helping Hands’ THE SAN FRANCISCO WEDDING PLANNER series. Well, a funny thing happened a couple days after I posted that statement… I saw an Amazon Local deal in my email inbox for an entire wedding planner course (with certification at the end) for only $29. I jumped at the chance. If nothing else, it could be of great benefit to me in my research for the wedding planner series…and it might just be the start of a fabulous new career. I’ve never been one to spend much time or energy in organizing anything, but who knows? I might find, once I get started, that it’s something I love to do. As I mentioned before, I do love weddings. 🙂

Here’s everything that’s included in the course:

  • Learn how to save thousands of dollars when planning a wedding.
  • All the different wedding styles.
  • How to juggle high quality and affordability.
  • How to set a wedding dress budget.
  • The best looks for wedding make-up.
  • How to book a professional make-up session.
  • Every crucial step in the wedding planning process.
  • What to do when, from 12 months before to the day of the wedding.
  • How to negotiate with wedding suppliers to get the best value for your money.
  • How and what to ask potential wedding hairstylists.
  • When to book wedding transportation, and how to pick a wedding car company and choose a wedding car package.
  • How to interview with the church minister /officiant to find the right one for you.

I’m also going to learn all the necessary business steps I’ll need to take to make a career out of wedding planning, including:

  • How to market myself (which should be useful in my writing endeavors, as well.
  • How to develop a 60-second sales pitch for my business. Again, I can’t see this hurting my writing business.
  • How to make a memorable business card. I’ve done some playing around with this before, but I’m interested in seeing if I can learn something new.
  • How to create strategic alliances. Every businessperson needs those, right?
  • How to evaluate my competition.
  • How to set my business goals. This is one thing I’ve never been good at.
  • How to set up my business and name it.
  • How to make a website for your business so potential customers can see my services and portfolio. I, obviously, know a little something about my own website…but I don’t think I can market my wedding planning services from this site. It just doesn’t seem like it would fit very well.

Anyway, I’m really excited about this new endeavor. I’ll learn some good information, even if nothing comes of my wedding planning career… and at least I should have plenty of good information to share here on my Wedding Planner Wednesday posts. Stay tuned. It should get interesting! 🙂


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