Mommy Memoir Mondays

A good friend of mine said something a while back about coincidence: “I don’t happen to believe in coincidence. At all. I believe in purpose.”

Honestly? I don’t believe in coincidence either. I believe in Providence… and, yes, purpose too.

So, I don’t think it was a coincidence that I was at my local Christian writer’s meeting, and we were discussing blogs. My comment was, “I have a blog. I just don’t do much with it. I’m not consistent enough in posting…” And the lady giving the presentation turned to me and said, “You are consistent with it. You just do it in the wrong place. You blog on Facebook instead of your actual blog. All that stuff you post about your children… could be blog posts. People would love to read that. Look how many comments and likes you get on those.”

Then someone else cautioned that you don’t want to overdo the personal, kid-centered posts, so I thought, What if I just dedicated Mondays to Mommy-related posts. That wouldn’t be overkill, would it? I’ll try it out and see. You all tell me if it is too much, okay, readers?

The next day, I devised a new blog plan (and blog images to match):

Monday – Mommy Memoir Mondays

Tuesday – Tuesdays with Yeshua (Jesus) – I thought it would be best to stick with Jesus, for obvious reasons.

Wednesday – Wedding Planner Wednesdays – Who doesn’t love weddings? Or free advice/planning ideas?

Thursday – Thriller Thursdays – I’m not the only one who likes to be scared, right?

Friday – Free-for-All Fridays – I’m still going to devote Fridays to promoting my own writings and the writings of others… And I may just use this as a rambling day to express this, that, and the other thing.

Saturday – Saga Saturdays – Anything and everything related to history/historical fiction, especially individuals and family histories. We all have stories to tell, and we are all part of the same big family.

Sunday – Sweet Romance Sundays –  Sundays (to me) are all about expressing my love for God through corporate worship. What better thing to talk about on this day besides romance – but I want to keep it clean and God-honoring.


A couple days later, I opened up WordPress and decided to write my first Mommy Memoir post, but I clicked on the “Need some inspiration?” button just because. This is the question it gave me:

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?


Obviously, motherhood changed my life forever. There have been other things too – many more than one…receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit being the main one… But becoming a mommy changed my life in ways I never would have expected. So that was obviously the first thing that came into my mind.

Without further ado, then, I will introduce you to the very first Mommy Memoir Monday post:


The five-year-old asked me recently, “When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, I said, “You know what I wanted to be more than anything?”

A: “A mommy?”

Me: “That’s right.”

A: “You wanted to be a mommy for me and Julie?”

Me: “Absolutely!”

With all the dreams and plans and ideas that I had (and still have), there was one desire that surpassed all else – to be a wife and mommy.

I’m so grateful for a God who knows the desires of my heart and so graciously gives them to me… and I will forever be grateful for the gifts of these two precious girls – and my amazing husband, who tirelessly takes this parenting journey with me.

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3 (NLT)

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