Author Susie Caron as featured on Mishael Austin Witty's Blue Brown Books blog.
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Word Wednesday: Twee’

All right, so you’re probably wondering why the “word of the day” is no word at all. Well, I’ll tell you. “Twee'” is the name of the main character in a delightful children’s fiction series by author (and my new friend) Susie E. Caron.

As Susie mentions on her web site, “Twee’ means you and me”. She is a beautiful young pine tree who learns some valuable lessons about growing up and learning to live at peace with herself and others.

Twee’ is (most certainly) a play on the word “tree” and how a very young child might say it. Young children will definitely identify with this little tree’s emotions. This would be a lovely story for parents to read to their children to help them understand that they’re not supposed to accomplish all the same things (at the same levels) as their peers, and they don’t need to have all the same skills or interests.

Our differences are what make us special – and uniquely human.

I AM TWEE’ is the second book in Susie’s “Between You and Me” series. Here’s the official description of the book:

Do your children complain about the things they don’t have?
Do they believe they are not as smart, athletic, talented, or ‘cool’ as other kids?

Twee’ does!
Do you ever wish your children understood how being different makes them unique and special, with their own gifts to share?

Twee’ Does!
Read Twee’ together and share the discovery!


Twee’ is a bit older now, but is she wiser?  In this second picture book-allegory from Susie’s “Between You And Me Series,” this young pine tree feels useless because she has nothing to share. Twee’ notices the apple trees in the valley, offer many gifts, which draw children and adults to visit them. However, the people don’t even see Twee’, and she begins to wish she were an apple tree. After many seasons, Twee’ is ready to give up, when an unusual event changes her mind. Join Twee’ as she journeys to discover that by being herself and different she has something special to contribute.

I AM TWEE’ will be available for purchase at Amazon (paperback and Kindle) on Thursday, October 10, 2013. Just click the image below to visit the book’s Amazon page.

I Am Twee' by Susie Caron is featured on Mishael Austin Witty's Blue Brown Books site.

The paperback version will also be available at Barnes and Noble

You can also get the first book in the series, simply titled TWEE’ at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

TWEE' is the first book in Susie Caron's Between You and Me series being featured on Mishael Austin Witty's blog.

Susie E. Caron is a psychologist, speaker, and author of two books in the ‘Between You and Me’ series. Susie draws from her years of experience to write allegory picture books for children and adults. This series illustrates how our thoughts and feelings change and impact our relationships. Susie enjoys reading with children, and as a speaker she presents #Keys to Connect with Kids to #Adults Who Care!

Her unique gifts include her authentic presence, an ability to connect at the deepest levels of need and want and wisdom to share. In every endeavor, Susie helps kids and  adults to enjoy each other by connecting with less frustration and with more personal freedom and fun!

Author Susie Caron as featured on Mishael Austin Witty's Blue Brown Books blog.

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    1. Thank you Amanda. Mishael Austin Witty is a generous and gracious hostess. What a lovely presentation she provided. I feel truely blessed by all my family and friends. Thank you.

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