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Sponsoring the Inaugural Issue of Reader’s Rock


For several weeks now I’ve been participating in the Virtual Ebook Fair (formerly known as Share An Excerpt Saturday). This fantastic Facebook event was the brainchild of bestselling author and all-around great person Tammie Clarke Gibbs.

I’ve had some really great success getting my name out there through my participation in this group, so when Tammie said she was going to start a new e-magazine built just for readers and mentioned that she was looking for sponsors, I was all for it.

So I created by little two-page spread and sent Tammie a little money, and I got featured in the magazine. I’m on pages 40-41. It appears that I need to work a little on developing a two-page spread that you can actually read without having to zoom in, but it’s all there – information about me, an excerpt from one of my books, and buy links for them all. 🙂

As they say, every little bit of publicity helps…even the bad publicity. But this isn’t anything bad. It’s very, very good. And (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet) subscriptions are absolutely free! Inside, readers will find some great excerpts and introductions to fantastic new reads by indie authors. Tammie has put a lot of work into this, and it shows. If you have not already done so, please consider signing up for a subscription.

Plus, anyone who subscribes is automatically entered to win the ebook giveaways that are done every week at the Virtual Ebook Fair. This is seriously a reader’s dream. Don’t miss out! Get your name in the drawing today! Saturday’s coming.


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