The purpose of this blog hop is to promote Charlene Raddon’s latest release, The Scent of Rosesas well as the work of each of the participating bloggers. Be sure to read to the end of this page so you don’t miss out on the grand prize. Also be certain you visit each blog and comment to qualify for the individual giveaways, and the big prize.

Charlene Raddon has been writing historical romance novels for over thirty years. Her work has won several awards and much well-deserved praise. Here is what she has to say about her newest release.

Any day when a new book is released is exciting for the author. I’m thrilled to announce that my eBook, The Scent of Rosesis now available.

The Scent of Roses is a sequel to my last eBook, To Have And To Hold, but stands alone and does not need to be read in order to be enjoyed. Whip Kincaid, from The Scent of Roses, is the half-brother of Buck Maddux from To Have and To Hold. Whip also has a twin, Cale, who readers met in Buck’s story, which gives me an excuse to write a third book for this series.

The added touch of paranormal elements made The Scent of Roses a fun story to write. Who doesn’t enjoy haunted houses with hidden passageways? When I first moved to Utah, I lived in this house. No, there weren’t any secret passageways, but in every other way, my description of the old house is accurate. The third element new in this book is the subject of polygamy.

Rosalyn Delaney came to Whisky Ridge, Arizona expecting to receive aid from her estranged husband, Josiah Bullock, in escaping the crazed leader of a polygamist cult determined to have her. She’s broke and has nowhere else to go. But Josiah is dead, murdered the very evening of her arrival. The town is in uproar, searching for the suspected killer, Josiah’s business partner, Whip Kincaid. Rosalyn also learns that Josiah has taken a second wife.

Whip is innocent but to prove that, he needs to stay out of jail. He hides in secret passageways in the old house he and Josiah shared. Smythely, the elderly butler who came with the house, is the only other person aware of the passageways. Lurking between spiderwebbed walls and using the abundance of peepholes provided allows Whip to keep up with what’s going on. Sneaking out at night allows him to investigate. He’s particularly interested in Rosalyn Delaney, and for more than one reason. Besides being attracted to her, he’s sure she knows something about the murder.

But does she? Is she safe at Rose House? Will she be safe from Whip Kincade?

I hope you enjoyed this peek into The Scent of Roses. Find it here, at


And one lucky winner who comments on this post will receive a free copy (your choice – paper or eBook) of my latest release, CAMPANULA.

CAMPANULA: A zombified retelling of Rapunzel

Zombies, angels, and everlasting love.


Cami and Mac have been in love with each other practically all their lives, but there’s a problem. Cami’s life is in danger because of a desperate deal her father, Zed the Zombie Killer, made with the local witch, Gert, before Cami was born.

Gert kidnaps Cami as soon as the girl starts menstruating and locks her inside the little used, much haunted tower of the old Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Cami will be the mother of many more zombie children for Gert unless Mac can find her and save her from the zombies and the witch’s clutches…with a little help from some heavenly friends.

Zombies, angels, and everlasting love await you within the pages of Campanula.



“The only way to stop these zombies is to get that bellflower from the witch’s garden and make oil from the dried leaves. I’ve run out of all the supply I had,” Zed told his pregnant wife one evening while he gazed out the window toward the garden that contained his zombie-killing treasure.

“Zed, I don’t want you to do this. I’m scared,” his wife said, an audible tremor in her voice.

Zed looked back at her. “Of course you’re scared, honey. Those zombies want to eat your brain, but I’m not going to let them. I’m going to go over there and get some of that bellflower. It has to be tonight. We can’t wait any longer. Their forces are getting stronger, and the poison will take at least two days to make.”

“But what if the witch sees you? She’ll turn you into a frog or something.”

Zed laughed. “Honey, she’s not that kind of witch.”

Zed’s wife frowned at him and reached for the can of Tab sitting on the end table next to her.  She took a quick sip. “I still don’t like this. I’m due any day now. What if something were to happen to you? Who would help me take care of the baby?”

Zed’s mouth quirked at the self-centered comment, and his hazel eyes twinkled. He chocked it up to pregnant hormones, even though he knew better, and chose to ignore it. “Everything will be fine. I promise. Don’t you know by now that you married the world’s best zombie killer and herb thief? I’ll be back before you know it.”

Zed’s wife opened her mouth to protest, but the look on his face stopped any further comment from her. She watched quietly as he gathered his flashlight and his black leather jacket. He crossed the room to kiss the top of her head before walking out the door into the chilly, dark night.



Mishael Austin Witty is an editor and the internationally bestselling author of SHADOWS OF THINGS TO COME, a Christian thriller/suspense novel, and BELIEVE IN ME, a sweet contemporary romance/women’s fiction novella. This zombie fairy tale marks a departure from the usual for her, but it was great fun to write, and she already has plans for another.

She lives in Louisville, KY (where most of the action of this story takes place), with her husband, cat, and two daughters. Connect with her online in the following places:




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  1. Hi Charlene,

    During your long career as an author, have you ever written books in genres other than historical? If not, do you have plans to do so?

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Karen. I have a contemporary fantasy romance set in Wales that isn’t published yet. Maybe next year. I have a couple of books I started sometime ago and hope to finish that are contemporary or partly contemporary. By partly I mean that it goes back and forth between the past and the present. But my “voice” is distinctly historical.

  3. Hello Mishael! Your book Campanula sounds like a fun read. I like the combo of romance and paranormal. Thank you for hosting this promotion blog and for highlighting Charlene today. And hello again Charlene! I hope you’re having fun on this blog tour…and wish you much success with this sequel to your To Have and To Hold book. Personally, I like switching back and forth between contemporary and historical…it keeps things interesting and new, despite historical romances being my long-time fave genre.

  4. Hi Janice. I’m like you, as far as reading preferences are concerned, I switch between historical and contemp. Good to see you again.
    Hey, Rita, yeah, good weekend. Nothing exciting but I got some writing done and that’s always a good thing.

  5. Hi Charlene, congrats on your new release, I can’t wait to read it. What genre of books do you read most? I read a little of everything but historical is my favorite. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    Mishael, I have never read a zombie book before so that will be new to me.

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

  6. Hi Gail. Glad to see you made it today. I read mostly historical but also contemporary, and almost all romance.

  7. Thanks bn. Nice to see you again. Thanks for dropping by. I think you’ve missed some of the blog hop sites. If you want to quality for the $45 gift card drawing, you can go back and leave comments where you missed before.

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