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An Unusual Book Event

Several years ago, I attended a book signing with author Sue Grafton. She’s originally from Louisville, like I am, so she came to a local bookstore after the release of one her books. I forget which one it was now…It might have been Q for Quarry back when it was first released. I remember we stood in line for hours waiting to get to see the author, but she was very gracious and it turned out to be a nice evening. That, before last Saturday, was the only experience I’d ever had with a book event.

When I recently got the opportunity to do my own book event (not a signing per se, but an event, nonetheless), I jumped at the chance, even though I felt I wasn’t quite prepared. Exposure is exposure, and I can use all the help I can get.

Basically, the event was a fashion show at a local Catherine’s store on Dixie Highway. Catherine’s, for those who don’t know, is an up-scale store for plus size women. They have some awesome clothes and even more wonderful clothes and purses. It was a fabulous fashion show, and they were offering some prime space in the front of the store to certain vendors – for free.

I set up a table and took some jewelry and some old copies of my first book, Shadows of Things to Come, which I’ve since renamed Unyokedbut when I re-release that book on May 1, 2013, it’s going back (by popular demand) to the original title, but with a brand new cover. Here’s a sneak peak of the new cover…just because I’m so proud of it! 🙂


The old cover wasn’t nearly so interesting, although I did get some nice compliments on it. Incidentally, if anyone wants to buy a copy, I’ve got about 16 actual paper copies left. I’m selling them for $10 a piece (plus a $3.50 flat rate shipping charge). Just click the button below to pay securely through Paypal.

Here’s a picture of what the book cover used to look like. This is the cover you’ll be getting until I run out of old copies to sell.

Check out the book’s description here. It’s the one called Unyoked. The description hasn’t changed, even though the cover and the title have! And I might run a Rafflecopter contest to give a (possibly more than one) copy away to a lucky winner. I’m just not sure about that, since my last Rafflecopter giveaway attempt was such a bust. If there’s enough interest, maybe I will…Anyway, back to the event. I sold one necklace and one book, and I made a few possible editing contacts. Overall, it wasn’t an incredible profitable afternoon, but it WAS fun! 🙂 Here are some pictures that my good friend Crystal Murray uploaded (and edited) for me.  

New friend Geri Manning selling Beauticontrol products with the beautiful Miss Lily’s help.
Close up of Lily. Love this little girl! 🙂
We filled the downtime by reading. Note: This book was NOT one of mine, although it was a very interesting little book about a little boy meeting some Bible characters.


Oh yes. I didn’t mention the singing, did I? Yes, there was singing (classic oldies), and yes I participated. 😉

Here are some group shots of all the fashion models (and myself and some of the store employees) singing.

And Lilly wasn’t the only cute little girl in attendance.

It was a really super way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus, the store manager invited me to come back and set up another table for their special mother-daughter event that’s going to be held the Saturday before Mother’s Day. That’s part of the reason I’m in such a mad rush to get all my books in better shape (and/or released) before May 1! I’m hoping to make even more sales. 🙂

4 thoughts on “An Unusual Book Event”

  1. A very interesting event for you, Mishael. Congratulations on being asked to participate and joining in. I’m glad it was a success, though you did not sell as much as you wanted to. For future events, I suggest some changes: (1) bring along bookmarks, homemade by you, which gives a description of your book, (2) a lollipop (sucker) attached to a colorful paper with a catchy phrase “you’ll be stuck to this book…”, (3) change your atire to make it more professional and add an interesting hat that has a knife or ghost or something weird that serves as a conversation starter. People will be so intrigued by the weird hat that they’ll have no choice but to come up and engage you in questions. You respond with a lead-in to your book…

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Mishael. And your friend’s suggestions above are fantastic. I’m looking forward to the May 11th event also, though it will be a packed day since we have the LCW meeting right after. But, hey, if you have the new books, maybe you’ll sell a few at the meeting. 🙂

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