Monday Muse: How to Write Your First Ebook (Guest Post)

One thing on most people’s bucket lists is to write a book. With ebooks that becomes possible.

Ebooks put you totally in control; you no longer need to employ an agent or to convince a publisher that your book will sell. If you have a book in you then write it and get it out there.

What You Need – Essentials

  • An idea
  • A computer
  • An Internet connection
  • A modicum of writing ability

The idea is probably already there, or you would not be reading this. You can develop the idea as you go along, but the most important thing is to make a start.

Most of us have a computer to type on and to edit our work.

If you have a computer then you will have an Internet connection to upload your work onto an ebook site such as Amazon’s Kindle website.

You do not need to have a degree in English to write ebooks because you can hire an editor to tidy it all up for you.

Developing Your Idea

Most people sketch out a draft of their ebook either on paper, in a spreadsheet such as Excel, or even on a whiteboard. This helps you to divide your book into sections or chapters and to ensure consistency; it is easier to expand a section heading than it is to start with a blank screen.

If you have multiple ideas, which most people do then it is important to choose one and to run with it. If you try to develop two or three ideas at the same time your progress will be inexorably slow and you will probably give up before any of your ideas are published.

Make your first ebook a short one, because you are learning as you go along and it will not be perfect. If it is short you will finish it sooner and be able to see people reading it, which is a massiveboost to your ego.

Fill out each section without unnecessary padding, string the sections or chapters together and you have your ebook.

Publishing Your eBook

The simplest place to pubish your first ebook is on Amazon’s Kindle platform. You can publish an ebook totally free and without paying Amazon anything at all.

However, books do attract more attention if they have an attractive cover and you will need to pay a graphic artist or photographer to help you with the cover; this will cost between $60 and $200. If your ebook is a novel or short story then a cover becomes even mor important to make it stand out and look professional.

Formatting your book for Kindle can be a bit tricky, but there are programs available for $50 that will do it for you, so there is no need to pay some chancer $400 to format it for you. Be warned that uploading a plain Microsoft Word file will make your ebook look dreadful.

Promoting Your eBook

The only downside with this method of publishing is that you are responsible for promoting your own ebook. There is no publisher to bear the cost of massive newspaper ads or bookstands. You have to get down and dirty yourself.

Once your book is live on Kindle you can set it to a free promotion. While it is available for free download you can promote the link to your download page to everyone you know. Send emails, post in your Google+ profile, post on Facbook and in any forums you contribute to.

People will download it because it is free and some of those people will leave you reviews, probably better reviews than they would leave for someone they do not know. Some peoople will also use the Like button on the download pagem spreading the word further again.

Reviews  and Likes are very important to gain your book credibility. Nobody even pays $2.99 for a book without any positive reviews, so you can see how important it is to give away the first copies of your ebook in exchange for reviews.

Phil Turner has just written his first ebook for Kindle about how to do better in exams. It took him a week to write it, though he had the idea for many years and cost him only $60 for the cover graphics.

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