Muse Monday: Writer Igniter Exercise

I’ve spent some time away from this blog… At least, I’ve spent time away from seriously getting into it and planning out what I was going to blog about every day, or every week, or however often I was going to post. For the past few months, I’ve relinquished the majority of this blog to guest bloggers…

Now, don’t get me wrong—I love guest bloggers. I love giving the opportunity to let other people post links to their articles, books, and whatever else is important to them. And I love the convenience of not having to worry about what I’m going to posting on any particular day.

The fact is, though, that this is my blog and, as such, I should take control of it. I should be posting here more than anyone else, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to do that. And, to that end, I’ve created three fun features that will begin today:

Muse Monday—basically anything to do with enhancing creativity and getting the writing juices flowing. I know I need this as much as (or more than) the next writer.

Word Wednesday—On this day, I’m going to be highlighting words…definitions, how they’re used (incorrectly or correctly), and just any interesting facts that I come up with about certain words. Kind of like a “Word of the Day” post, only better (I hope).

Friday Free-for-All—This is the day I’m going to post all the guest blogs, author interviews, and book reviews that highlight fellow authors. These things MIGHT appear on the other days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday), but I’m specifically purposing Friday to be the showcase day. That way I can leave the other days open for posting articles that don’t really fit in with any of these three themes.

So, with that in mind [insert trumpet fanfare here]…

I’m kicking off Muse Monday with a short piece I wrote based on some fun writing prompts I got from the Writer Igniter. If you haven’t checked out this site yet, I strongly recommend you get over there right now. It’s fabulous, and it really is a fun way to spark your creativity.


Here’s the result of my latest venture to the site.

My character is a taxi driver.

The situation is that the taxi driver gets a cryptic letter.

The prop is a lucky penny.

The setting is a rainy city street at night.


Now I have to take these five elements and write a story using all of them–ALL of them—together. It took a while for the story to start forming in my mind, but now I think I have it. I’ll post the result in a few days.

I did want to mention that it seems like these five things always come up the first time you enter the website (at least they did for me each time I kept going back to it—and that was several times). All you have to do, though, is click on “Shuffle,” and you have a whole new group of words/phrases you can use to create your next masterpiece.

The “shuffle” feature seems to come up with a new group of words each time you click it. I’m not sure how many different situations the randomly generated prompter comes up with, but so far I’ve come up with a different one each one I’ve clicked on it.

I just tried it again, and the things I came up with this time were even better.

A tattoo artist hosts a horror movie marathon. The prop is dried flowers, and the scene is a creepy gazebo-looking thing. Oh, the possibilities here! But that’s a story for another day…after I finish the taxi cab story. Keep watching!

And if you try this writing exercise for yourself, I would love it if you shared. Just post a link (or the result) into the comments. 🙂

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