Six Attitudes Every Writer Should Have

Writing is an activity that doesn’t have a rigid set of rules or even general guidelines. Whether you write for a living or just for fun, all writers create unique work that is all their own. While writers thrive on their differences, there are some similarities that all could benefit from having. A writer’s attitude means everything, and here are six attitudes that are advantageous to all. Adopt these attitudes, and you’ll have no choice but to succeed.

Why Do Tomorrow What I Can Do Today?

Procrastination isn’t good for anyone, but writers are especially susceptible to its evils. Whether a writer is on deadline or has simply set their own goals, it’s very easy to put off writing until they feel more inspired. Unfortunately, all procrastination does is make things more difficult. A better attitude for a writer is to tackle assignments and goals now rather than later.

Criticism Can Only Lead to Improvement

No writer enjoys having their work critiqued by others, and sometimes criticism can really sting. Rather than become disheartened, however, writers should remember not to take criticism personally and should instead use it to improve. Good writers use the comments of others to honestly assess their work, and they let unhelpful remarks slide off their backs.

I am a Writer, and Writing is My Life

In most cases, a person’s work doesn’t define them, but writers are different. Writers identify as writers, because for them writing is akin to breathing. Of course there is more to a writer’s life than just writing, but they should still hold the attitude that writing is much more than just an occupation or a hobby. It’s at the center of their very soul.

My Readers are More Important than Me

A personal journal is the only time an audience doesn’t matter, and even then we usually write in journals as if someone is listening. Good writers know that while their personal preferences and style are incredibly important, writing for their readers is more important than writing for themselves. If a writer hopes to succeed, they must always put their audience first.

Practice Makes Perfect

The old adage that “practice makes perfect” is an essential belief that all writers should live by. Writing is a skill, and it requires practice just as any other skill would. If a writer hopes to improve, them must take every opportunity to practice their craft and develop their skills and voice. While they may never achieve perfection, practice is always necessary.

Writer’s Block is a Hurdle I Can Easily Jump

Even the best and most creative writers suffer from writer’s block from time to time, and some writers experience more often than others. Rather than get discouraged, a better attitude for a writer to have is that writer’s block is a surmountable challenge. It’s not something to be afraid of, and you can do something to change it. It must be tackled head-on.


Caleb Grant is a father and freelance writer.  He enjoys blogging and always encourages other writers to continually improve their work.

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