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One Amazing Free Book Promotion Tool

I was browsing through Facebook today, minding my own business, when I happened to come across a post by fellow indie author Jason Matthews, who mentioned how excited he was about this new free book promotion tool, He included a link, so I immediately clicked over to check it out. You can always use more traffic for your books, right? And who doesn’t like free?

Here’s what you get when you sign up with them:
Free promotion for all your books and ebooks.
• No hidden costs- EVER!
• No time limits.
• Book promotion page is linked to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
• Any YouTube videos associated with your book will be displayed.
• You can even have a profile picture displayed.
• AskDavid users will write reviews of your book that you can use on your website.
• AskDavid users will also promote your book on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
• Info tweeted to 3700 AskDavid followers on Twitter.
• Automatic link to your book’s Amazon page for easy purchase.
• A PR5 backlink.

How do they do it? AskDavid is signed up as an Amazon Associate, so they get a commission for every sale they drive. So, think about that for a minute. … How much more are they going to be willing to promote these books, since they only get paid if someone buys them?

It’s easy to sign up. All you do is fill in your name and email address, then click the link to a short form, which will ask for the following:

• About Your Book **You want to make this information unique (don’t just copy the same description you use on Amazon, your website, etc. It’s pretty simple to do because AskDavid gives you some sample questions to answer.
• Your gender.
• Whether or not you want your (Amazon author) profile picture shown.
• Tags related to your book. **The more the better.
• YouTube sites specifically relevant to your book.
• Book-specific websites. **Sites that are only about the book, not about you.
• Your personal websites, Google, Facebook, and Twitter pages, etc.
• How you heard about the site. **A backlink to this blog post would be appreciated.
• An indication that you read and accepted the sites Terms & Conditions.
…And that’s it! Then you just have to sit back and wait for about four weeks while the AskDavid promoters work their way down the queue to your book. How simple is that?
I signed up yesterday, so I’m still waiting to see what will happen, but I’m really excited about it. I’ll write another blog post later and let you know how things go!

2 thoughts on “One Amazing Free Book Promotion Tool”

  1. You are right Witty. is one of the best free book promotional websites. The Austrian called David devotes his time to give every author the best of promotion. He has promoted three of books, ‘The Writer Died, Road of Agony and Overseas Chronicle-The Rome and Amsterdam Experience. I will recommend him to any author who wants good cost free book promotion.

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