Why I Need to Write Every Day and How I’m Going to Do It

Do you have a daily writing habit? If you don’t, you might want to consider starting one. I know I need to, and here’s why.


If I don’t write every day, I get out of the habit of it, and it gets really hard to get back into it. You know what they say…It takes 21 consecutive days of doing something to make it a habit that’s going to stick. It only takes three days of not doing that same thing to break the habit and make it necessary to start all over again.


For various reasons, I have gotten out of the habit of writing every day. Things get in the way…work, family, any other unplanned distractions that creep in and rob you of your time. Oh, and you can’t forget that urge you have to take time out to watch your favorite TV programs like The Voice or Once Upon a Time. What? Am I the only one who watches those shows?


Starting today, I am making a new commitment to write something every single day, without fail. I’m combining my writing life with my spiritual life, and I’ve created a new blog, “My Year of No Fear.” This is my own way of holding myself accountable to writing and reading the Bible every single day for a year. And, of course, I intend to increase my frequency of posting to this blog, too. To my intense shame, I just noticed that it’s been over two months since I posted anything here!


Can I do it? I think I can; otherwise, I wouldn’t even be trying it.

What do I hope to gain from it? Hmm…a sense of accomplishment, a sense of success instead of the overwhelming sense of failure that I’ve felt so much recently. This is my attempt to do something better for myself – to make things right.


I imagine this will make me a better writer, and perhaps it will make me a stronger person. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway!

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