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Book Review: Shadow of a Doubt

Empty-nester Allison Pruitt has nightmares of the time she spent in an orphanage as a child, but not because of any ill treatment she herself suffered while she was there. No, Allison becomes increasingly convinced that she witnessed the beginning of a murder when she was only five years old. And, when she reconnects with an old friend who also spent time at the orphanage, she becomes sure of it. In fact, the two friends believe that there were actually two murders committed that night, and they are determined to prove it.

Add to that Allison’s own dangerous brush with an angry employee’s boyfriend, and you’ve got a compelling mystery/thriller that will keep you up reading long into the night. This is a quick read simply because you can’t wait to see what will happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I wished that some of the loose ends had been tied up a little better—especially concerning the two other victims of the orphanage killer. We never really found out who they were or why they were murdered. We never really found out why any of the victims were murdered, and that was something that I really wanted to know!

Still, I highly recommend this for mystery/thriller lovers and Christians like me. The main characters are unashamedly Christian and lean on their faith during their times of trouble. This novel is peppered with encouraging scriptures throughout, and it adds mightily to the book’s charm. I look forward to reading more by Nancy Arant Williams.

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