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Author Interview: Stacy Eaton


Stacy Eaton is a full-time police officer who uses her real life experiences to add credibility to her fiction. Her first novel, My Blood Runs Blue was published in April 2011 and was quickly followed by its sequel, Blue Blood for Life.

Her latest book is Whether I’ll Live or Die, a fictional look at the very real problem of domestic violence. You can learn more about Stacy at her website:


1. How would you describe Whether I’ll Live or Die to someone who has not yet read it?

Whether I’ll Live or Die is an intense emotional drama dealing with the subject of Domestic Violence.  During the story you will walk with Amanda as she goes through several abusive relationships at a young adult age.  Her life will be anything but sweet and loving.

You will also meet Officer Nicole Nolan who deals with domestic violence through the legal aspects of her job.  Knowing how to deal with victims of abuse is touchy for her and she does all she can to help the victims she encounters.

A final showdown will intertwine the destinies.


2. Is there a specific message in Whether I’ll Live or Die that you want your readers to grasp?

My hope is that readers will be able to feel the pain, see the confusion and understand that being a victim is hard to change, but it can be done.

I want victims that have survived to read this and feel I did a good job describing the intensity of the feelings.

I hope that people that read this who might know someone in this situation will help them to get out.

I wish that anyone reading this that is in an abusive relationship will find the strength to find the resources they need to free themselves.


3. How much of the book is based on real life (either yours or someone you know)?

There are moments in this book that come directly from my life, but most of this story is a general story bringing about the emotional pain and sacrifice that victims deal with.

In my job as a police officer, I see so much abuse, and I know that a victim can only find freedom when they want it. I used bits and pieces of things that I have seen over the years to help the flow of the book, but for the most part, it is a fictional story.


4. How did you get the idea for the novel?

I had been talking to one of my police friends, and we were discussing the effects of DV. A few days after the conversation, I was driving to work and the plotline of the book was born. It came fast and it came hard. I knew the start, I knew the characters and I knew the ending all in about 30 minutes.

I remember when I got home; I sat down and wrote the first two chapters and the last chapter immediately. The rest of the book flowed pretty quickly when I had the time to write.


5. Which came first, the title or the novel?

They actually came at the same time. I believe the title defines a novel, and when you have a good solid plotline, the title should reflect that. The title for this one was born at the same time as the plotline, in that 30 minute drive.


6. What scene or bit of dialogue in the book are you most proud of and why?

No matter how many times I read this book, and it has been a WHOLE LOT of times going back and forth my editor Dominique Agnew, it is the last two chapters that get me. I can’t remember ever reading the last two chapters and not getting tears in my eyes.

But, just because I said that – there is NO CHEATING!! You are not allowed to go read the last two chapters first! Lol….

The final chapter will be the final destination and it can be heart wrenching.


7. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about Whether I’ll Live or Die?

Not a Thing!! I love this book!  I love the message in it – the story it portrays – the characters! Well maybe not all the characters, but you aren’t supposed to like some of them, lol…  This book has been kind of like my baby – even though it is not my first book.

I had a few people read the story after the major first edits were done, some were other authors, some were friends that I could trust to be honest and some were victims who survived.  I waited on pins and needles for their comments, and every single one of them came back saying they loved it! They got angry, they cried, they felt the emotion of the book and learned things they never would have thought to think about.

When I got that back I thought, “My work here is done”! HA! Hardly – I only had 5 more rounds of edits to do, but the storyline was complete.


8. Considering a book from the first word you write to the moment you see it on a bookstore shelf, what’s your favorite part of the process? What’s your least favorite?

Wow… There are actually a few of them.  I think one of my first moments of excitement is when the story is born. Figuring out who the characters are is like finding out you are having quadruplets and now you get to find names for them and guess at what their personalities will be like.

The next and maybe most exciting part is when you put that last period in your manuscript. While every writer knows just because you put that period there does not mean the work is done, it has really only just begun, but it does mean that you got that story out on paper – out of your mind – you completed it!

The most rewarding moment I believe is when the book if finally published, and someone comes to me and says, will you please sign your book for me. It humbles me and excites me at the same time.


9. What book are you reading right now?

Hard question to answer – I read fast… like almost 400 words a minute, so I eat up books. Normally I will read 3-4 books a week since I don’t watch television and my kindle is with me everywhere I go.  Yesterday I wasn’t feeling so great so I chilled out in bed most of the day, I read two books.

I move between crime novels, drama and my favorite genre, Paranormal regularly depending on what I am in the mood for. Yesterday not feeling well, I read some general romance, not to heavy or exciting, but good stories.


10. What’s next for you?

Right now I am working on the 3rd book in my Paranormal Series, My Blood Runs Blue.  There are 4 books in the series, and two of them were published in 2011. I put the third one off so I could finish WILoD.  Now that it is released, I am working on the third book, Blue Blood Mixes.

I am also working on two other paranormal books that could each become a series, it depends on how they move along.   One deals with Guardian Angels, an elite team of angels that can only become a part of that team when they make the ultimate sacrifice in death.  The other one is another vampire series that I am just starting to play with… I have a few chapters done, but I am still playing with the plot line.

Besides that, I have a contemporary romance called “Liveon” sitting on the back burner that is about two thirds finished. I’d like to dust that off and finish it soon.

Some days I feel like I am schizophrenic with all the voices in my head, and I have to listen to them to see who wants to talk louder.  Right now, it’s Officer Kristin Greene, Gabriel and Olivia.


11. Is there anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

First I’d like to thank you!  Thank you for the opportunity to visit with your readers and for helping me to get this new story out to others.

Second, I’d like to thank your readers for stopping by and taking the time to read this interview!  I love doing them because I always get to meet so many great people!

Lastly, I’d like to make sure readers know that Domestic Violence is a real problem in our society and there are many people who do not know how to find the help they need. If you are one of those people, or you know someone who is, get help! I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.



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