KDP Free Promotions

KDP Free Day Experiment #3 Results

My last free day for this 90-day KDP run was Thursday, May 31. So why am I just now blogging about it? Well, for one thing, the results just weren’t that spectacular.

I think only about 46 units were downloaded for the whole entire day, and Unyoked only made it to the mid-5,000 sales rank at best. For most of the day, however, it was hovering around the 9000-10,000 range.

Why didn’t I have as much success this time around as I did the first and second tries? Well, I think that (quite possibly) everyone who would be interested in downloading my book for free has already downloaded it—at least through the channels I’ve made use of so far.

See, I really didn’t try to do anything differently as far as trying to promote this free day. I tweeted, had other people tweet (almost exactly the same people who tweeted the others), and I posted on my Facebook page (to mostly the same people who saw the last post on my Facebook page). I did post in a couple of new places, and I know a few downloads resulted from this. I just need to learn some other ways/places to promote my book (and the KDP free days for the next round). And I got the promise of a few new reviews, so hopefully that will be a good thing (if the reviewers like the book!).

Oh, and that free day has, so far, resulted in no new sales, and my sales rank has plummeted to the 250,000s! The new reviews should help that, though. Those should hit in mid-June…

My impression of the whole KDP program? It’s definitely a good sales tool, and I believe it can benefit people who know what they’re doing with it. I just don’t think I’m one of those people.

I think I’m just going to stick to me original plan—get the book in tiptop shape and set it up on CreateSpace. Then I’ll have a paperback version AND the ebook version, and hopefully that will result in more sales. And, at the end of this next 90-day period, I will most likely pull Unyoked from the KDP program. That will free me up to sell the book through Smashwords, B&N, and maybe even eBay! Look for updates on this coming soon.

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