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Ending May with a KDP Bang!

My 90-day KDP Select term is up on June 5. I had one more free day left, so I thought I’d schedule it for the last day of this month. Why? The main reason is that Fridays and Saturdays are notoriously good sales days for Kindle books, and I want to capitalize on that.

This will be my third KDP free day promotion, and it will be interesting to see what happens this time around. Will the third time be the charm? I certainly hope so. My first outing was great. There were lots of downloads in just one day, but that didn’t translate to all that many sales once the promotion was over.

The second promotion (over three days) was not nearly as impressive. I got only half the number of downloads I got the first time around in three times as many days. But the good news is I’ve had more actual sales in the days following that promotion than I did after the first one. So, I guess there are trade offs. At least, it looks that way for now. …

So I’m anxiously awaiting this next try. I love watching the numbers go up (or not), as you can see they didn’t in my series of posts about the KDP #2 promotion. As if I didn’t have enough to occupy my time, I can now religiously check statistics every hour and report back to you, my blog readers.

Now I just have to think of ways to promote this third try. I did pretty heavy promotion the first time, not very much at all the second time, and so far I haven’t done anything to promote this third one. I really need to get started!

To that end, I’ll post the link to the book, just in case anyone reading this has not yet gotten a chance to download the book (for free or otherwise). http://amzn.to/AgbAa6

I would ask, however, that if you do download the book, please leave some sort of review. Right now, there’s only one review (4 stars, but still). I’d really love to get more feedback on it. Thanks, and keep watching for news on how the latest KDP free day goes!

Unyoked Book Cover

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