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Review: Table of Blood (Short Story) by Kay Glass

I’ll have to be honest (aren’t I always?): The title of this reminded me a lot of the title of a cheesy horror film (you know the kind I mean – half-naked blonde girls running around screaming and tripping while the bad masked guy chases them with a gigantic butcher knife, catches them, and then hacks them to pieces). Except, this time, it’s not a masked guy who is the enemy – it’s a masked table – an old, unassuming coffee table. And the story’s not quite as cheesy as those cheesy horror movies – or quite as graphic, which I greatly appreciated.

I admit it. I’m a fan of horror movies. I love a good scare, but not a lot of gruesome blood and gore. I’m also a fan of (some) horror writing. Stephen King puts me off just because of the graphic nature of his books (especially the earlier ones), but I love the old horror books–Dracula, Frankenstein, and anything by Edgar Allan Poe.

This is a short story in the tradition of all the great, mind-bending, thought-provoking horror fiction writers of the past. There is no (well, okay a little – note the word “blood” in the title) gore in this story. It’s really light, though, considering the stuff that’s out on the market these days. I love it!

I will say, this story really could have benefitted from a good editor. There were several misused words (“peak” instead of “peek,” and “site” instead of “sight,” for example). Word spell check won’t catch those because they are spelled correctly, just used in the wrong context. But an experienced editor would certainly have caught the errors (in fact, I did!).

Also, there was one glaring hole in the story (at least in my opinion).  [SPOILER ALERT]: If the table was intent on following the MC, why didn’t it follow her to her new home as soon as her mom redecorated and decided to get rid of it instead of waiting in a storage locker for her parents to die so she would inherit all their furniture? It just wanted to give her a false sense of security??? It didn’t make sense to me otherwise.

Still, I gave Table of Blood four stars because it was definitely entertaining. A nice, quick read before going to bed (Oh, no. It’s not the sort of story that will keep you up all night–at least, it didn’t keep me up). All things considered, this author has promise, and I look forward to seeing more of her writing.

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