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I’m a Bestselling Author – in the UK!

Here’s how much of a novice I am (well, was) at this whole Kindle indie author thing. I knew enough to check my ranking in the Amazon US store because that gives you an indication (theoretically) of how well your book will sell and how successful it is/will be. Currently, my book is ranked #67,833 in the Kindle paid store, and I’m okay with that. That (to me) seems to be a respectable ranking.

Over the weekend, though, I noticed an interesting thing happening. My book was ranking in the Top 1oo (#98 and 99) of the Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Children’s Fiction > Religions > Christian category. I didn’t know there was such a category, and – quite frankly – I was shocked. My book is not exactly a children’s book. If I was to give it a rating, I would rate it at least a PG – maybe even a PG-13. There are a couple of scenes in there that I certainly wouldn’t want younger children reading. Maybe preteens …

Today, my book is not ranking in the Top 100 for that obscure category. I’m not sure what happened. I guess other books started selling better. I just hope those other books fit the category better than mine did!

One thing I hadn’t even thought of was the fact that my humble little ebook is being sold in Amazon stores all over the world. I was reviewing a short story by another author today, and another reviewer mentioned that she was posting a review for it on Amazon’s UK site, and suddenly it hit me: If my book has a ranking in the US store, why wouldn’t it have a ranking in the UK store, as well? DUH!

So, I checked, and lo and behold, my book is ranking #117,107 in the UK paid Kindle store, and it is #87 in the UK’s Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Children’s Fiction > Religious. I am a bestselling author in the UK! Still, that worries me that the book is even showing up in the children’s category.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t been getting that many reviews. People reading it are, like, “What? This isn’t a children’s book!” Or maybe not. Who knows?

Oh, and just in case you were wondering (but why would you be?), Unyoked is not even figuring on the radar of Germany’s Amazon site. Probably because it’s not in German. Any German translators out there?


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