Summer Biannual Blogathon Bash June 15-18, 2012

I came across something intriguing yesterday, so I thought I would share it.

The Biannual Blogathon Bash is a twice yearly event designed for bloggers to get some much needed work done on their blog. The 72-hour event is open to all bloggers, and all are encouraged to do as much blogging as possible during the long weekend. The goal is to work on blogging for 24 hours total – not consecutively (although I imagine you could do that if you wanted to.

As part of the bash, there will be regular mini challenges – fun, easy projects that lead to a better blog. Plus, there are prizes for participants!

The blogathon was started by Kathleen  Garber (of callistasramblings.com) to inspire other bloggers to improve their craft. Many bloggers have massive To Do lists with things that never really get done. This blogathon is meant to inspire

You know all those items on your Blogging To Do list? Those things you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t had a chance? Now’s your chance to get a large amount of them done! And the more you participate, the more chances you have of winning a prize.

Some past blogathon participant goals have included:

  • Changing blog hosts.
  • Changing the blog’s look.
  • Writing up several blog posts and scheduling them.
  • Catching up on review items.
  • Starting a new blog meme or event.
  • Brainstorming ideas for a new blog.
  • Establishing a social media presence.
  • Compiling your blog posts into an ebook.

As I have just started to really work on this blog and have had very little success maintaining blogs in the past, I’m up for anything that will improve my web presence and organizational abilities, and this sounds like just the thing I need. I will definitely be participating, and hopefully the results will be beneficial to the readers of this blog!

And if you’re a blogger who’s interested in joining up, click here now!

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