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Got my first book review!

I am pleased to announce that Unyoked got its very first review yesterday, and a four-star one, at that!

All indie authors and marketing experts will tell you that your book won’t go anywhere on Amazon without a fair number of reviews (some argue that you don’t even have to have good reviews – just the presence of ANY review is a good thing for the indie author).

I uploaded by book to the Amazon Kindle store almost three months ago, and in that time, even though I have seen a decent number of downloads – and even some purchases – no one was reviewing it. Until yesterday. Karen Doering, of Parents’ Little Black Book, graciously agreed to read and review my book. And it really is a lovely review. I couldn’t be happier!

Karen and I met on Facebook, on the Review Seekers group page. It’s a place where authors and publishers can connect with readers who write and post reviews of books on Amazon, B&N, and personal blogs. If you’re an indie author who needs some reviews for your book (or if you’re a reviewer or bibliophile interested in getting more free books), look no further than this Facebook group! It’s been a great help to me, and I’m sure it would be for you too.


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