KDP Free Promotions

KDP Promo #2 – Final Results

I was busy with a Mother’s Day family get together yesterday, so I didn’t have much time to obsessively check my stats all day. To be honest, I didn’t have the motivation either. Friday’s results were so discouraging, I thought, What’s the point? 

Still, here’s the data that I did come up with. I started the day by tweeting and posting on Facebook and had other people tweeting too.

Time Free Units Downloaded Amazon Sales Rank Rank in Kindle Store> Thrillers>Suspense
06:06 128 2,954 #66
07:14 128 2,693 #59
17:56 137 2,626 #57
20:06 137 2,827 #60
21:52 140 2,802 #62


Between 21:52 and 23:59 Saturday night, there were five more downloads.

So how did the KDP free promotion affect my sales? Well, on Sunday–the morning after—my book was ranked 253, 780, and by 7:03 a.m., I had made one sale. I don’t know what time the sale went through. My guess is that it was somebody at the tail end of the promotion trying to get it for free but not succeeding. I could be wrong, though.

It will be interesting to see what happens this next week. Will I have the lingering sales boost that other KDP authors experience once their free promotions are over? Or will my book just disappear back into obscurity?

I have one more free day left for my current 90-day enrollment in the KDP Select program. I’m trying to decide now which would be the best day to schedule it.  And I think I have a pretty good idea.


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