KDP Free Promotions

Recap of KDP Free Day #2 – What Happened?

Answer: Not much of anything – except ranking drops. I did the same things I did the first day – I tweeted, others tweeted. I did Facebook posts. I even (albeit belatedly) sent out some free press release notices just to try to get more people to go download my book.

I don’t think it worked very well. Here are the numbers.


Time Free Units Downloaded Amazon sales rank Rank in Kindle Store> Thrillers>Suspense
05:31 108 1,836 46
06:52 108 1,875 46
07:45 108 1,875 46
09:02 112 1,924 46
10:02 115 1,924 46
10:56 116 1,630 36
12:17 117 1,659 40
13:09 118 1,659 40
22:29 118 2,411 56


Do you see what happened? Boy, I sure do! Three-four hours in the morning and NINE hours in the afternoon/evening without ONE download. Ten downloads TOTAL in SEVENTEEN HOURS! Something’s not working.

And, honestly, I think it’s this – Friday and Saturday are notoriously good SALES days for Kindle books. People are actually BUYING them, not downloading them for free. Maybe? Or am I just trying to make myself feel better by coming up with excuses as to why my book is basically being ignored?

I will say this – a lot of social media gurus run free Kindle book promotions on Fridays, and I wasn’t signed up for any of those. I was just trying to do things on my own. SO maybe all those people who signed up for the special Kindle free book Fridays were getting downloaded, and since those were being downloaded, mine was not. Maybe.

Again, I might just be trying to come up with excuses because, really, I’m just learning all this stuff and trying to feel it out for myself. I (obviously) don’t have any real, clear answers. But I do have the experience. And I do have the (fairly dismal) numbers.

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