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KDP Free Book Promotion #2, Day One Recap

Yesterday morning, I woke up early and starting tweeting and posting things on various Facebook pages, and I joined the World Literary Cafe’s Tweet Teams, so I had at least nine other people tweeting about my free book (which reminds me – I need to do that today too). Here are my stats for the day. I check religiously (read: obsessively) just about every hour, so I would have plenty of data to go on. Did the tweeting help? I know some of the Facebook posts helped – a little. Probably the tweeting helped more than anything. I definitely recommend using Twitter for promoting your KDP free days!

Here are the results:

Time # Free Units Downloaded Amazon Sales Rank Kindle Store> Thrillers>Suspense Rank
7:09 5 23,119
8:18 6 22,989
9:16 13 22,989
11:56 30 5,824
13:32 39 5,824
14:19 46 3,537 #65
15:18 51 2,528 #56
16:04 60 2,528 #56
18:39 70 2,159 #51
19:57 77 1,887 #44
21:03 82 1,868 #43
21:46 86 1,868 #43

Now, if you look back at my previous post (the recap of KDP Promo #1), you’ll notice that IN THAT ONE DAY I got more than three times the number of downloads that I got on Day 1 of this promotion. Why? I’m not sure yet. Was it because KDP Promo #1 was on a Sunday, at the beginning of the month? Or was it because of the free press releases I wrote and submitted online? I did not do that this time because I didn’t have as much time, and I wondered if it was really all that helpful, anyway. Guess what? I’m thinking it might have been!

But today is another day, and the sales rank numbers for yesterday weren’t exactly dismal, so maybe today will be better. Here’s hoping!

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